Project Description

The Project

In buildings like the Gherkin, where the next high paying tenants are often waiting to move in, time is of the essence. DMS was hired to complete this strip out over the course of four weeks by Collins Construction who specialise in fitting out and refurbishing commercial properties. We were tasked with clearing the 17th and 26th floors of London’s famous Gherkin which had previously been rented by a TV production team. For a large project like this, our team scheduled each task methodically to work as efficiently as possible.

Location: The Gherkin, City of London

Client: Collins Construction

Brief: Complete Strip Out of Two Floors

Value: £100k +

DMS Full Strip Out Services

Waste Segregation

At every stage of the strip out, we segregated the waste produced as each area was dismantled, grouping together materials such as wood, glass and plasterboard in bins. We regularly cleared the materials, taking the bins down in the lifts straight to our waste removal cage lorries and tippers. This was then taken to an authorised waste transfer station, where the materials were recycled wherever possible.

Week 1

  • Ceilings: We started at the very top and stripped part of the ceiling area.
  • Walls: By day 3 or 4, we had moved onto partitions, dismantling any glass frames, doors and plasterboard.
  • Towers: We erected mobile access towers to get to other parts of the ceiling area which needed dismantling, including ceiling tiles, lights and panels.
  • M&E removals: We then moved onto mechanical and electrical items, including removal of air conditioning units and electricity for lights.
  • We used rip saws, tools and grinders to help completely dismantle each part we worked on.

Weeks 2 to 4

During the second week, we moved onto some of the noisier work. While a normal working schedule for our team would be 8:00 to 16:00 Monday to Saturday, we fully understand that clients will have differing requirements. Therefore, for the noisiest parts of the job, we work to approved hours. This could mean scheduling the strip out to continue Saturdays and in the evenings. For this strip-out service, we carried out much of the work at night to accommodate the client’s wishes.

Tasks consisted of removing:

  • Carpets
  • Toilets (including walls)
  • Tile floors
  • Reception tiles & desk
  • Lift lobby floor & ceiling
  • Communication rooms – including M&E isolations, dismantling & removals
  • Raised floors
  • M&E beneath the floor, electrical cables in any voids & any concrete slabs

During a strip out, we also offer plant room services, removing any water tanks and boilers.

Was the Job a Success?

Absolutely – We completed the job within the agreed time frame so that the next stage of the fit out could continue as scheduled. But what did our client think?

Another good strip out from DMS. The bulk of the strip out work had to be carried out at night and Martin and his team did a great job under difficult conditions, see you on next one thanks

Peter Woodcock, Collins Construction